Get ready the relevant documents and organize them neatly and systematically to convey a business feel when presenting them to the interviewer.

Company information

In almost every interview, you will be asked about what you know about the Company. Gather adequate information on the Company’s background and its latest development before attending the interview

Job information

Having a good grasp of the job you apply for will help you to better demonstrate how your strengths can match the job requirement.

General information

Prepare yourself for common questions that will be asked by the interviewer such as your career goal, your job achievements, reason for leaving your current employment, your strengths and weaknesses etc.

Be punctual

Show up on time to give a good impression to the interviewer. Good time management will also help to reinforce your creditability.

Dress properly

Be tidy and presentable. Bear in mind that in every job interview, you will also be judged by how you look other than your talent. Dressing right for the interview positions will boost your confidence and leave a good first impression for the interviewer.



Interviewing manner

Mind your manner – smile, shake hands firmly, maintain eye contact and show respect to make a strong impression on the interviewer.

Delivery of response

Be confident, specific and focused in your response. The interviewer could judge the quality of your answer and how well you fit the job requirement by the confidence you display.

Avoid distractions

Switch off the mobile phone when attending the interview. It’s a sign of disrespect to be interrupted during an interview.

Ask questions

Come up with good interview questions to show your keen perception and strong enthusiasm in the job and the Company.




Take notes to review lessons learnt during the interview. Identify areas of improvement to better prepare for any subsequent interviews.

Contact your Recruitment Consultant

Share your interview experience with the Recruitment Consultants and bring up issues that need their further assistance / advice as appropriate.