Payroll Outsourcing Service (Hong Kong)

Payroll Outsourcing Service

Why Outsource Payroll?

There’s more to business management than driving business growth as employers get to realize that payroll is also a key function that they need to invest resources in keeping accurate payroll records, payroll tax calculation and maintaining an effective communication channel with employees.

It’s getting more and more common for business owners to simplify this function by outsourcing their payroll to manage the entire process cost-effectively and efficiently.

Why use Payroll Service?

SUPER Payroll Outsourcing is a simple cost-effective tool to bring more value to your business and help you focus your effort where they are most needed.

Our payroll outsourcing service aim at delivering customized solutions tailored to cope with the size of the organization and diversity of the benefits requirement.

Cost & Time Saving

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Continuity & Risk Management

Increase Core Activities Commitment

Leverage True Expertise

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

All a fixed cost

Personal data maintenance for each individual Employee,
» Employee & Spouse Information
» Employment Information & Contract

Delivery of e-Payroll Slips,
» to Client for distribution
» to Employees for Record

Calculation of monthly salary payment together with other allowance, commission, bonus, gratuity etc., subject to a completed and verified timesheet

Monthly MPF Remittance Statement Preparation and Submission

Leave forms processing and leave balance enquiries etc

Employer’s Return (Salaries Tax) preparation, IR56B / F / G / M/ E

» Employee Leave Summary
» Individual Leave Record
» Monthly Payroll Report
» Monthly MPF Contribution
» Monthly Expenses Summary

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